As the leading not-for-profit business trade association committed solely to furthering Ohio's foodservice industry, the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) exists to help restaurants succeed.

Founded in 1920, the association is backed with more than 95 years of industry experience. Through our commitment, experience and expertise, the ORA is dedicated to the representation, education, assistance and promotion of Ohio's foodservice industry. This is why more than 2,400 companies, representing more than 5,000 locations in Ohio, invest in ORA membership.

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Wall Street Journal: Minimum wage hike backfires at Ohio-based Wendy's

President Obama has frequently demanded an increase in the federal minimum wage to $10.10 from $7.25. Meanwhile, dozens of states have set minimum wages above the federal level and politicians from Seattle to New York are congratulating themselves for taking it all the way to $15. Maybe they should look back at the workers they’re leaving behind on their march to progressive-landia. Make that ex-workers.

Workers' Compensation Plans Designed to Meet Your Needs

ORA Workers' Comp PlansThe ORA and CareWorksComp, its third-party administrator, possess foodservice industry experience that assist them in helping members navigate the complex world of Ohio’s workers’ compensation system, which is why they developed the ORA Workers’ Compensation plans. With many aspects from which to choose, there is a plan that's right for your business. To learn more, CLICK HERE.